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With thanks to a tip-off from Cory Eling, it seems that Jan Burton of Syntax has just uploaded a cover of Joy Division’s atmosphere. As you’ll hear, the piece is one of Syntax’s gentler numbers. A copy of the video … Continue reading

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With enormous thanks to Libby Lawes, we’re very pleased to present an extremely long (1 hour 35 mins) interview with Mike Tournier of Fluke, Syntax and, more recently, Anaxaton6. In the interview, Mike discusses the history of doing interviews as … Continue reading

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I’m very pleased to be able to report that long-term 2bitpie.net resident and Fluke-fan extraordinaire, jUSTIN cREDIBLE, has released his latest EP: “Head First”. A mix of pounding beats and more subtle and technically accomplished work than we’ve seen from … Continue reading

Mike Tournier’s latest project, teaming up with Shriekback, has posted a video to its YouTube feed. The track, titled JuJu Grid (Go Live) has a suitably mad video and is a definitely more funky direction than Syntax! Thanks to jUSTIN … Continue reading

jUSTIN cREDIBLE sends word that Syntax’s new TriPolar EP1 has appeared in CD form with catalogue no. Syn01 in the format of a pressed CD (not a CDr).

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Well, there’s some big Syntax news over at their official site that I’ll replicate here: Firstly, many apologies for the lack of information since the original announcement earlier this year. Due to various other commitment issues, we have only just … Continue reading

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Over on the official Syntax site, there’s been a goodie dump of some of the extras that never made it onto Meccano Mind; definitely worth checking out! From the official site: We have added a new album category to the … Continue reading

It’s been a while coming, but here’s some very positive news direct from Mike Tournier on the new Syntax album and associated press, Tri-Polar. http://www.syntax.uk.com/ We’re just about to launch a new website: http://syntax.uk.com It will contain a blog, photos, … Continue reading

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Thanks to Frank Spinath, there are some new additions to the discography, specifically Syntax. First off, Frank has a promotional CD-R containing various mixes from Meccano Mind. I’ve labeled this, in the absence of any defining title, “Extended sampler” and … Continue reading

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As an update from my previous post, Mike Tournier has given permission for a one minute sample clip from the Thorns and Roses promotional CD to be posted: Thorns and Roses sample MP3. The sample is now also available on … Continue reading