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With enormous thanks to Libby Lawes, we’re very pleased to present an extremely long (1 hour 35 mins) interview with Mike Tournier of Fluke, Syntax and, more recently, Anaxaton6. In the interview, Mike discusses the history of doing interviews as … Continue reading

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Long-time Fluke fan Holden from the Hybridized forum writes with news of an epiphany moment that he had for a mash-up: It’s a mash-up of Fluke’s “Absurd” (Headrillaz dub mix) and The Crystal Method’s “Trip Like I Do”. I have … Continue reading

Up to his usual tricks, 2bitpie.net resident jUSTIN cREDIBLE here provides a new spin on an old classic, breathing fresh life into a great original.

I thought that this might be of interest to Fluke fans… jUSTIN cREDIBLE (again!) has come up with a superb remix of one of the best Fluke tracks of all time, Electric Guitar: EDIT: 30th May 2012 I meant, in … Continue reading

Courtesy of MixCloud, it’s only fair to point out that Mr. Jon Fugler, of Fluke renown, has put together a mix for April that will cheer your spirits, whatever the weather. XLNTAPRIL 2012 by Joni.F on Mixcloud

Zoltan brings news of a live video, uploaded by YouTube user Tinhuviel that we’d previously missed! Here is Fluke playing Tosh (Skriekbackwash) live with Shriekback: For those who would like a download: Shriekback.flv. Enjoy! Edit Tinhuviel has very kindly shared … Continue reading

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The ever resourceful jUSTIN cREDIBLE sends word that he has recovered, via an ebay auction, details of a previously unknown (at least to us) Fluke DJs set. The tracklist was as follows: 01 – Fluke – Groovy Feeling (Circa) 02 … Continue reading

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To append to the end of a, now, long list of remixes, 2bitpie.net is proud to present the latest effort from jUSTIN cREDIBLE, a remix of Fluke’s 2002 techno pounder, Pulse. The remix itself is excellent, mostly because it takes … Continue reading

A word of thanks to user Waldemarus, who has drawn our attention to the still preserved archive of the Fluke Message Board at http://special.the-raft.com/fluke/message.html. For preservation purposes, a mirror can now be found at http://www.2bitpie.net/Files/archive.html The record, from the 1997-1998 … Continue reading

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Hello all! I’ve just had some rather pleasing news from Mike Tournier regarding the upcoming Syntax album. First of all, the reason that the album has taken so long is that it is entirely self-funded; there’s no record company to … Continue reading