Syntax Goodies and New jUSTIN cREDIBLE Remix

Over on the official Syntax site, there’s been a goodie dump of some of the extras that never made it onto Meccano Mind; definitely worth checking out! From the official site:

We have added a new album category to the audio section, entitled “Meccano Mind Extras”. This contains a few tracks that were never used on “Meccano Mind”.

The album version of “Little Love” was actually the original demo that myself (Mike Tournier), Jan Burton and co-producer Tim Gordine created. Despite having done a mix with legendary producer/engineer Dave Bascombe and another, with the fantastic Michael Fayne as engineer, the record company were insistent on using the demo. The mix in the extras album is the one created with Michael Fayne. I think it sounds more ‘hi-fi’. See what you think.

“Peace Vibration” (sometimes known as “Sandman”) was, again, created with the help on Tim Gordine. We never managed to get a good mix of the demo, but I managed to pull off a couple of remixes, which are quite entertaining. The track never made it on to the album.

“Sensation” is a bit of an oddity! Our manager rediscovered this strange little track quite recently. It didn’t make it on to the album, but we all like it for it’s quirky nature. You might recognize the opening lyrics from “Fever”. We always like to ‘recycle’ where possible!

We will be adding to this album as and when we come across interesting material. It’s amazing how many things get left behind on an album project!

If Syntax like to re-cycle, re-use, then so does our in-house mixer, jUSTIN cREDIBLE, who is proud to present, for your listening pleasure, Syntax – Peace Vibration (The JC Remix) [I think, personally, I would have called it the “No More War remix” as both a reference to Little Axe and the juggernaut-esque style of the mix]:

You can also grab the remix in MP3 format.

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One Response to Syntax Goodies and New jUSTIN cREDIBLE Remix

  1. quantize says:


    Never dreamt I would actually see this being performed. As a massive Shriekback and Fluke fan I always thought this collaboration really demonstrated
    their obvious strong connection : the lyrical alliteration of Fugler’s and Andrew’s vocal styles, sonic fireworks and incessant rhythmic power (organic in the case of Shriekback and electronic in the case of Fluke)

    ok pardon my waxing lyrical..but these two bands are deeply influential in my life..

    Grooves for people with brains!

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