Fluke DJs: archival set found

The ever resourceful jUSTIN cREDIBLE sends word that he has recovered, via an ebay auction, details of a previously unknown (at least to us) Fluke DJs set. The tracklist was as follows:

01 – Fluke – Groovy Feeling (Circa)
02 – Hydraulik Dogs – Shake It (Styles Kickin)
03 – Tinstar – Sunshine (U.S. V.Z.)
04 – Dan Robbins – Chanting in the Dark (Oxygen Music Works)
05 – Fluke – My Spine (Copyright Control)
06 – Spank – Don’t Stop (Kidsound)
07 – Greed – Strange World (SOG Records)
08 – Supercombo – Revolution (Twisted)
09 – Missy Elliot – Get your Freak On (White)
10 – Nat Monday – Waiting (Distinctive)

The mix seems to have been either recorded, or broacast, on XFM on the 14th July 2001 Edit: 14th September 2001, according to the handwritten CD/cover by Jon Fugler.

This has brought to light one further problematic aspect of the site here, though. While we host Fluke live performances (usually very low quality and different to the recorded versions) purely in the hope that they interest fans who have already bought the music (and are relying on Jon and the gang not to sue us!), doing the same for a DJ mix no longer seems tenable. I have, therefore, removed previous DJ mixes from the Files page and will not be posting this one. Sorry if that’s a disappointment (it’s a great mix!), but hope you all understand.

Edit: update. Jon Fugler recommended MixCloud as a service that will allow mixes to be embedded, but also one that pays royalties to artists through the PRS. They seem legit, so I have uploaded the mix there in good faith that this complies with all licensing agreements.

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4 Responses to Fluke DJs: archival set found

  1. Julesee says:

    Dont think there’s any harm in sharing mixes ie making it available for download…id put it on soundcloud and do just that

  2. garylawuk says:

    I’ve got the off-the-radio copy of this mix, and it wasn’t off XFM, but London’s dance station, Kiss. It was on John Digweed’s show on 25/08/2001. Thanks for the upload of this ‘clean’ master to mixcloud, it’s an absolute treat.

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