Movement on the new Syntax album and Twitter account @syntax_uk


It’s been a while coming, but here’s some very positive news direct from Mike Tournier on the new Syntax album and associated press, Tri-Polar.

We’re just about to launch a new website:

It will contain a blog, photos, lots of music and a live Twitter feed. We’re trying to keep it really simple. Everything on one page. Should be finished in the next couple of weeks.

I’m trying to get the Twitter side of things going at the moment. You can follow us @syntax_uk
It will take some time to gain some popularity, but you have to start somewhere!

I should probably own up straight away that website delays may, in part, be my fault; I had been approached to help out on this, but had to back out owing to massive work commitments and overload. Apologies to Mike and all on this front; hopefully these infrequent updates make up for this at least a bit!

Finally, jUSTIN cREDIBLE has listened to the pre-mix version of “Man” from the new album (which was incidentally featured in a US advert recently) and it’s sounding great. This track was originally a project started in collaboration with DJ Sander Kleinenberg and Steve ‘Dub’ Jones (who helped on the mixed of Fluke’s “Atom Bomb” and “Absurd”). If you heard the demo version earlier, you’re in for a treat when this finally drops as it has evolved substantially since that time.

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  1. chaosangelxyz says:


  2. Julesee says:

    Hurrah! Now plse…..quickly!!!!

  3. c-eling says:

    Different World’s wonderful, thanks!

  4. c-eling says:

    The new site looks great, nice job!

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