Pulse (jUSTIN cREDIBLE remix)

To append to the end of a, now, long list of remixes, 2bitpie.net is proud to present the latest effort from jUSTIN cREDIBLE, a remix of Fluke’s 2002 techno pounder, Pulse.

The remix itself is excellent, mostly because it takes the hard edge off the original. The original Pulse was utterly relentless; listening to it more than a couple of times in a row could feel a bit like banging one’s head against a table — it just didn’t give you any room to breathe. That’s not necessarily a bad thing — it was certainly Fluke’s darkest track — but this mix, instead, takes the driving bassline and gives it a harmonious and melodious counterpoint, leading to a softer, more forgiving, version of the track.

The track is also far more professionally mixed than previous work by JC, which I noticed instantly and is because, according to the man himself, he’s acquired some nice new monitoring headphones!

Without further ado, then: Fluke – Pulse (jUSTIN cREDIBLE remix) (FLAC and MP3)

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3 Responses to Pulse (jUSTIN cREDIBLE remix)

  1. Skyscraper says:

    A pure festival track! You know, it reminds me “Dark Train” by Underworld. The same great vibe. There should be a video for it with a high speed trains. Oh… I’d like to put this track on some kind of Party right now with everybody dancing and jumping all over the place, and with a lot of lights striking to the sky! Crazyness!!!!
    Much respect for it!

    • jUSTIN_cREDIBLE says:

      Hi Skyscraper,

      thank you very much for your very kind comment – it is very much appreciated.
      I’m very glad that you like it 🙂

      All the very Best


  2. DJ Stormtali says:

    It would be cool if there was a remix contest for Any song by Fluke, 2 Bit Pie, or Syntax to me it would be cool for other djs such as me since i love all 3 bands from fluke to 2 bit pie and from 2 bit pie to syntax

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