New promo discovered: Bjango White Vinyl

This is a post to highlight a newly unearthed discography item, thanks to reader Bertie. I received an email a few weeks ago in which Bertie stated:

I was looking at your discography because I have been a fan of Fluke for a long time. I wonder if you can help me: I have a white vinyl, single sided 12” with Bjango written on it but it doesn’t appear on your discography.

This was intriguing and I originally utterly misread the email and set a confused reply thinking it was the “white label”, not a white vinyl of the track Bjango by The Lucky Monkeys which, as most readers will know, is one of Fluke’s many aliases. After some cross-purpose discussion, I eventually forwarded the email to jUSTIN cREDIBLE who identified this as a different recording altogether. After a week or so (a surprisingly short time), I was able to track down a copy of this edition. It is, indeed, a single-sided 12″ white vinyl that looks like this:

Bjango White Vinyl

As you can see, the label features a handwritten statement of “Bjango” followed by the signature “F” of Fluke spelled in Xs:


The mix itself is previously unknown. I originally mistook it for the Original Mix, but again was corrected by jUSTIN:

This version is clearly (but slightly) different to the Original Mix.
The part which starts at 02:50 min – 03:32 min does not exist in the CD/ Vinyl Original version.

For those curious, here’s a sample which includes the portion not previously heard: Bjango White Vinyl sample. We’ll try and get this incorporated into the discography as soon as possible.

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2 Responses to New promo discovered: Bjango White Vinyl

  1. PastichioRocker says:

    Sounds like someone is playing along with the original tune. Not sure if this is really done by Fluke. Why would they only put that chopped female vocal just there and not in the whole song?

  2. Hi,

    Just spoken with Jon Fugler of Fluke, who confirms that this is genuine; will post full details later, he’s going to send a longer email with details of track history.



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