Historical Record: Message Board Archive

A word of thanks to user Waldemarus, who has drawn our attention to the still preserved archive of the Fluke Message Board at http://special.the-raft.com/fluke/message.html. For preservation purposes, a mirror can now be found at http://www.2bitpie.net/Files/archive.html

The record, from the 1997-1998 period, conveys the enthusiasm felt for the group throughout, with many mentions of excited concert ticket acquisitions, hard to find promos and worldwide availability. Here was one post I particularly liked:

I caught your show in vegas under the race track bleachers You guys where so awesome .Ive never in my life seen a group as intense as you.

In addition to many posts praising the group, it also provides an interesting source of information to follow up on our historical project, for instance:

I just saw Fluke at The JayHawk Festival in Kansas. Yes. Kansas. They were incredible.

Which is certainly one of which were were unaware. Another lead to be followed up:

budapest(august ’97)

Anyway, thanks again to Waldemarus and we hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane.

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