Syntax – Thorns and Roses Sample

As an update from my previous post, Mike Tournier has given permission for a one minute sample clip from the Thorns and Roses promotional CD to be posted: Thorns and Roses sample MP3.

The sample is now also available on the discography page.

In addition, Mike gave me some more information about this version of the track, as opposed to the version that will appear on the album:

This is still considered to be a remix of “thorns”. The original slow version has been mixed properly, and will appear on the album.

I’m still unclear as to what the distribution channels will be for this release, but will let you know as soon as possible so you can all snatch up your own copies.

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8 Responses to Syntax – Thorns and Roses Sample

  1. cory says:

    Holy crap is that sweet,thanks again,hopefully they can properly promote this,that is excellent!

  2. Looking good, isn’t it 🙂

  3. Craig Paterson says:

    Great sample track. Can’t wait to hear the new album as Meccano Mind is one of my favourite albums of all time.
    Is there anywhere to sign up for updates? Twitter or Facebook maybe? Failing that I suppose I can just keep checking back here.
    Good luck guys, can’t wait to experience the new Syntax album.

  4. Darren Mart says:

    These guys are so fantastic, I can’t understand why they don’t get more recognition. Also hard to understand why this follow-up to Meccano Mind is taking an eternity to release.

  5. Julesee says:

    This aint fair – when is the album going to be out!?!?!!?

  6. Big Bird Spreads the Word says:

    Hi jUSTIN, lovin the new site. Do you ever sleep? Can you remember we had a discussion about the ethereal sample of a lady singing used on “Life Support (Six Wheels…1993)”. Leftfield use it too on “Song of Life-(Leftism…1995). Where did it come from? Well I got a Facebook reply from Niel Barnes, he said it’s from The Trio Bulgarka. The lady singing is one “Yanka Rupinka” and she gets a credit on the sleeve of Leftism. All true, but our boys used it first hahaha…Leftfield eh? always playing catch up.
    Oh my oh why, what a ride ye know!

  7. cory eling says:

    just doing a quick youtube search and this was posted,periodic breathing might just get released,the promo’s great but hoping they put western town on it

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