Syntax – Thorns and Roses Promo CD

Well, I had a rather nice evening today when the new Syntax Promo CD — Thorns and Roses — arrived in the post! Here are some obligatory shots of the cover and so forth:

Front Cover Thorns and Roses

CD Thorns and Roses

The CD itself is a one track promo running to 6 minutes and 7 seconds and is utterly different to the promo version that made its MySpace debut a year or so ago. It is far more “dancey”, for want of a better word, and I think that those who prefer this side of Syntax won’t be disappointed. That said, it still maintains the mellow quality so suited to Jan Burton’s voice. I will be adding this to the discography, but won’t be posting any sample clips until cleared with Mike T. It also appears that the website featured as the domain name suffix isn’t up yet.

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3 Responses to Syntax – Thorns and Roses Promo CD

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  2. cory says:

    Excellent news Martin,thanks for the update! 🙂

  3. jono says:

    *great* news!

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