Another Jan Burton appearance

As I mentioned in the last post, Jan Burton of Syntax has also been involved in some other projects, and I wanted to give a heads-up about another release with which he was involved.

Metrik – The Departure EP

Metrik - The Departure EP

  1. T-1000
  2. The Arrival (feat. Jan Burton)
  3. Metrik vs. Smith & Selway – The Departure
  4. Learn to Fly (feat. Jan Burton)
  5. Inner Child
  6. The Arrival (Instrumental)
  7. Learn to Fly (Instrumental)

This is a fast drum & bass release, but Jan’s melancholic overtones certainly sobered the pieces to the point where I enjoyed them — D&B is certainly not my favourite genre.

You can buy the Metric EP at the following locations (not listing the vinyl version, as that doesn’t feature Jan):

Digital at Juno
Digital at Viper
Digital at Beatport
Digital at iTunes

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4 Responses to Another Jan Burton appearance

  1. Julesee says:

    Hey mate really appreciate the music you have put up here – how on earth likes of Fluke went out of fashion for likes of bloody La Roux I have no idea!!!! I like the Fatal tunes, but how can likes of me get hold of them?



    • cory says:

      when martin and i quit buyin em up off ebay,lol
      yeah it would be nice to see an official release from fatal,some good stuff,”too foo” could of easily been a single 🙂

  2. Julesee says:

    cheers Cory…ok ill have to outbid you then hahaha

  3. Cory says:

    bought Gabriel&Dresden’s cd a couple years ago, the 2 disc set,has a few with Jan,bought an oppo player last fall,played the disc again last night and much to my surprise the disc is HDCD formatted,sounded exquisite 🙂

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