Syntax on Super8 and Tab album

Super8 and Tab: Empire

This is a brief heads-up to let you know that Super8 and Tab’s new album, Empire features Jan Burton and Mike Tournier, aka. Syntax.

Says Mike Tournier:

Jan has a few bits and bobs out at the moment. He’s got a few tracks on a new album by Finnish DJs, Super8 and Tab called “Empire”. The title track is something we co-wrote but my favorite track on the album is called “Free Love”. He was quite surprised that it was included in an otherwise dance led record, but I think it sounds quite ‘Syntaxy”. He’s also singing on the new Eric Prydz single “Niton (The Reason)”. I think Eric is releasing another track (not sure of the title) that I co-wrote with Jan next.

So there’s a nice new item for the collection. Please remember to support the artists: buy the album

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2 Responses to Syntax on Super8 and Tab album

  1. He has also done two more tracks, which you can find on Metrik’s EP called “Departure”:
    “Arrival” and “Learn to Fly” – i think “Arrival” is a very amazing track…


  2. Thanks for the heads-up on that jUSTIN; will check it out and make a post in a bit 🙂

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