Update on Syntax: Tri-Polar

Hello all!

I’ve just had some rather pleasing news from Mike Tournier regarding the upcoming Syntax album. First of all, the reason that the album has taken so long is that it is entirely self-funded; there’s no record company to pay up-front expenses, so it’s had to be something that happens “as and when”.

Over the course of the last year, Mike and Jan have been working with engineer John Pennington to put the final mixes of the tracks together. John used to do the live sound for Fluke and has also worked with Moby, Roysopp and the Swedish singer, Robyn, so that’s a pretty good CV for a sound engineer! John is also an interesting figure historically for Fluke as, Mike tells me, he was also involved in several of the nineties Fluke remixes including “Out of Control” by the Rolling Stones, “Full Moon” by Robert Miles and “Theme for Great Cities” by the Simple Minds. He was also involved in “Dirty Little Mouth” from the Playing by Heart soundtrack.

However, the Syntax album is really getting there now and the plan is to put out a promo CD of Thorns and Roses early next year, followed by an album sampler and then the full version. The new mix of Thorns and Roses is really great and substantially different to the MySpace demo version a while back; it has a far more electronic (and for me, exciting) feel while still keeping the beauty of the primitive version.

More as it comes in!

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9 Responses to Update on Syntax: Tri-Polar

  1. Cory eling says:

    great news,thanks Martin,i posted an update on the syntax facebook

  2. cory says:

    lol,holy cow the fatal singles disappeared quick,i grabbed 2,martin you grabbed a couple?

  3. I grabbed 2 and jUSTIN got the last one, I think!

  4. EmilyT says:

    Great to hear there’s progress on the new album. Would it be worth putting the project on Kickstarter for getting funding to help? I’m sure the fans would support it.

  5. jose Rendon says:

    Great news Martin, I agree with Emily T they shoul put the project on Kickstarter.

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