Fluke DJs Live on Annie Nightingale, 26th October 2003

Have another Fluke DJs set!

As before, here’s the conditions:

1.) If you like the tracks, you will go buy them
2.) If you are the copyright holder and do not want the material hosted here, contact me and I will instantly remove it. Email: martin [at] 2bitpie.net. Please bear in mind, before you take action, however, that we run this site as devotees of the music of Fluke and most of our visitors are like-minded collectors whose actions are extremely unlikely to hurt your commercial interests — we only collect recordings that are not commercially available, or have been mixed, for the sake of completion.

This mix is live on Annie Nightingale, 26/10/2003 and, according to the BBC Website, which seems a great deal more accurate this time, the tracklist is:

Discoshit – ‘Junk’ – (Phokal)
Fluke – ‘Switch (Marco Bellini + Val Waller remix)’ – One little Indian)
Santos – ‘Deep Breat’ – (Mantra Vibes Italy)
Coburn – ‘Ska Song’ – (Unknown)
Soul Mekanik – ‘C’est Robotique’ – (R.I.P.)
Phil Kieren – ‘Juicy’ – (Kingsize)
Freeland – ‘Supernatual Thing’ – (Marine Parade)
Man With Guitar – ‘Man With Guitar’ – (Kitsune)
Factor E and Knick – ‘Cool Down (Autobots Relick)’ – (Supercharged)
Basement Jaxx – ‘Hot ‘n Cold’ – (XL)

Files: Fluke DJs live on Annie Nightingale, 26/10/2003

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