Discography resurrected

I’ve just spent pretty much all of today rewriting the discography system in Django and the new system can be found at: http://discography.2bitpie.net.

The new system has almost all the information from the previous incarnation and will be improved as and when I have time. Current bugs are that every track with mix info will display a “remixed by” section, but this will be blank if no info is present and there are also none of the drop-down filter boxes at present. Images are not yet displayed and there is no caching as of yet.

However, the new system does make maintaining the whole thing a lot easier behind the scenes. As a result, I’ve just added the aforementioned Fatal promo to the list; samples if and when Cory can send them to me.


P.S. if you can’t access the site, it could be that your DNS needs to update, which should happen in the next 24 hours.

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