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Hey all!

Here is just a quick info, that Yuki’s aka Dark like Snow’s homepage is now up and running.

Check it out here: http://www.darklikesnow.com

It also seems as if her album will be made available for purchasing via download there soon, too so make sure to give it a frequent visit.



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8 Responses to Homepage Dark like Snow

  1. Georg. says:

    Meccano Mind [+Bonus]
    EUR 51,67 + EUR 3,00 p&p
    = 71 US Dollar
    = 45 Pound!

    Far toooo much for me….!


  2. But it is still worth the money, isn’t it 🙂

  3. Andy says:

    Be well advised, it’s the cheapest price you will find for this release. When I was looking for this release almost one year ago, you couldn’t find it under 100 Euro, even under 100 British Pound. It’s one of the rarest albums I know and it was quite funny that 2 sellers listed it on Amazon for 30 Euros some days ago!

  4. I luckily bought it the year it was released for a “normal” price.
    Mine is even signed he he 😛

    We are still searching for a record of the very rare Syntax Live Gig, which they announced and planned to upload (as video) on their official website back in 2002/ 2003 i guess.
    Regretfully shortly after they split up and the website was never updated anymore (and later on was taken offline).
    I think the domain was syntaxonline.co.uk or so (with an xlnt forum and such)…

  5. Georg. says:

    Price is gone up (seller must have noticed some interest):
    EUR 65,10 + 3 Euro P&P
    = 87 US Dollar
    = 56 Pound!

    Guess it soon will reach the 100 Euro mark…

    …but I have got the “normal” CD and “found” the bonus tracks on the internet for free.

  6. Shame und you Georg ;P lol

  7. Andy says:

    Sold out. Game over. Try international Amazon this time, there’s another (last) chance.


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