Updates: Fluke and Yuki

Hi all!

I appreciate that news has been slow and sporadic over the past couple of months. I have been hugely preoccupied in my non-Fluke-related life and have got hugely behind on the many plans I had for the site. These are still on, merely delayed, the first of which, if/when I get time, will be the forum. Thanks also for all the kind comments in the posts below!

First of all: the bad news. As you will have no doubt noticed, the Fluke tour of 2010 did not emerge. I suspect, although have been unable to confirm, that this was owing to financial inviability. It was extremely sad that the Glade festival collapsed this year and, with hard financial times already upon us, it seems that this constraint was too much. We still wait with hope for the future.

Now some good news! Yuki (produced by Fluke/2Bit) is going live. Her band, now named “Dark Like Snow” is playing a gig on the 26th of June at The WorkShop, Road Trip Bar, 243 Old Street. Entry is £3 with a Flyer or on Guestlist, or £5 on the doors, which open at 7pm.

Dark Like Snow

Please check out her Facebook, Twitter and MySpace pages!

The other shout out that I’d like to make, is to the incredible Leftfield reunion tour that is underway at present. They are said to be doing a full tour in the Autumn, but also performing at the LED festival in central London. I’ll leave you for now with a sample clip of Release the Pressure live in Ireland.

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4 Responses to Updates: Fluke and Yuki

  1. holden says:

    Well, that’s crap-lousy that there’s no Fluke tour. Is it definitely off, or could we perhaps see some shows towards the end of the year? I mean, the Glade cancellation and the tough economy are very real roadblocks, but i’d hope with new Syntax and Yuki to promote, the Flukes could maybe get out there for a handful of gigs? Please?

  2. Heya Holden,

    as much as we all would wish to see Fluke perform live again – refering to the reasons Martin mentioned i would not hold my breath till that happens buddy 🙁

    At the “most up to date” moment there is some promotion going on, mentioning the upcoming Yuki album as their newest reincarnation, so my best guess is, that Fluke is in sleep mode atm.

    Syntax is not related to Fluke or Yuki in any way, so maybe we will have the chance to see some Syntax performances as soon as the album is due to be released. But this is only my personal guess and everything else but confirmed.

    Nevertheless i think all of the upcoming Fluke or Syntax or Yuki Gigs will be happening anywhere else but England.

    Maybe Ditto will bring us some Fluke later that year, as they managed in 2009…

    All the best


  3. Georg. says:

    I saw LEFTFIELD live in Manchester and Sheffield a few weeks ago and they were AMAZING!!!
    If you have the chance to see them live – DON’T MISS IT!

    Leftfield live:

    2010-07-17 Super Bock Super Rock 2010, Aldeia do Meco, Portugal
    2010-07-18 Benicassim 2010, Benicassim, Spain
    2010-07-22 Come Together, Space, Ibiza, Spain
    2010-07-30 Lokerse Festival, Lokern, Belgium
    2010-08-07 Relentless Boardmasters Festival 2010, Newquay
    2010-08-28 L.E.D Festival, Victoria Park, London
    2010-08-29 Creamfields 2010, Halton
    2010-08-31 Heineken Music Conference, Tel-Aviv, Israel
    2010-09-04 Electric Picnic 2010, Portlaoise, Ireland

  4. Hi guys, just dropped by for an update. Keep it up. I’m getting tickets tomorrow for Leftfield and Underworld at the Barrowland Ballroom Yesssssssss!(ballroom’s stretching it a bit by the way). Two gigs in one week. It’s Absurd!



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