Historical Document: Island Life Promo Letter

I have recently come into possession of a document of great interest in our ongoing efforts to build a comprehensive Fluke biography (despite the warnings given within this very document regarding such a process). I am pleased to present a scan, and transcript, of the first ever promotional letter sent out by Fluke’s manager, Julian Nugent, to garner support for the 1988 single Island Life.

Feel free to click this image for a higher resolution scan. The text of the letter reads as follows:

(0628) 22640 – Tel.
(0494) 77369 – Answ.Machine
(0628) 890356 – Fax


15 Moor Lane,


Seasonal Greetings!

Here’s some points which should interest you as we wave goodbye to summer.

  1. The appropriate debut single from Fluke.

This is for those who prefer not to wade through the babble of a ‘band biography’!

However, if you are interested to know more of the band, such as their video and demo’s [sic], please contact the above number. Otherwise, I look forward to sending you a copy of our next project.

We hope you like ‘Island Life’.

Kindest Regards,

Julian Nugent

This will, of course, end up in the discography but, in the meantime, if you have any further documents like this lurking alongside promotional items, I would certainly be interested in digitizing and publishing their contents. Email either of us via the Staff page.

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