Welcome to the first edition of the Fluke Top Ten Items To Have (FTTITH). This is a series that will explore the rarer items of Fluke music, memorabilia and general gumph that fans should aspire to get their hands on. Think of it as a sort of twelve days of Christmas, except ten and not after Christmas. Ok, it’s not very much like the twelve days of Christmas!

Kicking off this list of gems is: Syntax – Meccano Mind (Japanese Edition)

Syntax Meccano Mind Japanese Edition

The real audio treat on this disc is track 7; Sexograph. Kicking in with a subtly modulating deep, deep bass, this is not only a great track it also makes for a fantastic speaker test in its own right.

While I am not as fond of Woman and Love Song (I Wonder Why) as Sexograph, they are as worthy of consideration as the rest of this great album.

This is one of the easiest of the Top 10 items to get hold of and is not listed here for absolute rarity, but rather for its lesser known status and sonic quality. I’ll just end with a reiteration of the, undoubtedly positive, news that, despite delays, the new Syntax album is still in the works and could be out next year.

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4 Responses to FTTITH 10

  1. Noninnyo says:

    Hi people!

    This japanese version from Syntax is awesome. Can somebody write down the lyrics of the 3 extra tracks, please?
    I’m very interested in what they sing in them.
    Thank you, and have a happy xmas!

  2. OK, i’ll start with Sexograph, maybe “anyone else” will continue 😀

    Sensual vibes are frozen
    getting colder
    Time’s flying away i’m getting older.

    Be dirty now baby cameras are on
    come on over come on be done
    can we try to find this again
    or is this just a long white train

    you pant and sweat i pose no threat
    do this for me i’m in your debt
    your sordid mind leaves me just blind
    your modern approach i’ll never encroach

    sensual vibes are frozen
    getting colder
    time’s flying away i’m getting older

    californian laugh on your sexograph
    they’re going to write it well on your epitaph
    do you think you’d mind if we were to find
    all the love to love you in kind


  3. Noninnyo says:

    Thank you very much, Justin. You are indeed incredible :)).


  4. Martin says:

    jUSTIN; that’s great! I might make a post properly containing these! Thanks – M.

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