Fluke DJs at Salisbury Arts Centre 2001-10-25

Fluke DJs live at Salisbury Arts Centre (25th October 2001)

Following receipt of a flyer for this event, I am pleased to be able to present the following historical information regarding a Fluke DJs performance at the Salisbury Arts Centre on the 25th of October 2001. If you have more information regarding this event, please email martin@2bitpie.net.

The flyer contains an interesting reference to the mystical Toot single. As reported previously, Mike Tournier, of Fluke, has confirmed that this single never existed. I have therefore not made any further assumptions about the band’s history from this flyer as the accuracy cannot be verified.

Gig Info

Date: Thursday, 2001-10-25
Location: Salisbury, Salisbury Arts Centre
Set type: DJ
Set variety: Fluke DJs



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Front of Flyer advertising Fluke DJs performance on the 25th of October 2001
Back of Flyer advertising Fluke DJs performance on the 25th of October 2001

Transcribed Text of Flyer

Thursday 25th October 2001

FLUKE DJ’S [sic]

In the f****d up tangential world of Fluke, take nothing for granted. Steely reserve, determination and commitment are what have ensured their own survival. Frequently misunderstood and more than once incurring the glare of the critical eye, Flukes [sic] tenacity and separatist stance have confused and confounded. They resist being labelled and categorized. By doing so, however, they have enjoyed support from loyalists who, like them, refuse to be told what to think, do and say.

Fluke are lifelong friends Mike Bryant, Jon Fugler and Mike Tournier who gre up just outside of London, shared a house together and started making music in 1986. On to 1989 and like so many others, Fluke discover acid house and have their heads turned. In September 1989 the debut single Thumper is cut and promptly grabs the attention of the electronic dance community. This is followed in Spring 1990 by Joni and a one-album deal offered by Alan McGee of Creation Records. Later that year the single Philly emerges to critical acclaim and dance-floor delight. Debut album The Techno Rose of Blighty is released and Fluke land a deal with Circa/Virgin Records in April 1991. In that Summer the band play their first live gig at the New Moon Rising party, resulting in a live mini-album Out. This is followed by the release of Six Wheels on my Wagon, which makes it into the UK top 40 album chart and secures remix work for New Order, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Bjork. So popular is their remix of Big Time Sensuality that Bjork replaces her original version with Flukes [sic] and invites them to perform with her at the European MTV awards in Germany, April 1994 and Fluke score their first UK Top 40 single with Bubble. The first single, Bullet from their third album, Oto enters the charts at number 23 and the band head out on an extensive UK tour. Sold out shows, rave reviews and a top thirty position for the next single Toot in December affirm Flukes [sic] flourishing fan base. 1997 … and in between playing with David Bowie, The Prodigy and remixing The Smashing Pumpkins, Fluke manage to finish their new album Risotto, with the first single Atom Bomb invading airwaves across the world and winning. The Electric Highway tour of America took place towards the end of 1997, followed by the release of their second single, Absurd (with remixes by Headrillaz and Fatboy Slim) which was a hit the UK [sic] and helped to make Risotto one of the best selling electronic albums in America.

In the f****d up tangential world of Fluke anything is possible. One thing is for sure though, Fluke strive to celebrate the counter-culture of which they are both part and parcel. For this reason alone, Fluke matter and demand your attention.

Fluke DJ’s: [sic] Player one, Hugh Bryder (aka Hugo), dj and dancing dervish for the past 20 years and founder of Liverpool’s legendary techno club, ‘Voodoo’, Hugh has played with everyone from Alex Patterson to Seb Fontaine. He’s an old hand of MTV special events parties across Europe, including Cannes Film Festival. Hugh met Fluke in 1993 and has been spinning for them and collaborating live ever since. Fluke DJ’s is the next stage in the development of a perfect fusion between the dj and band.

Player two is Jon Fugler, a now almost legendary force in the field of electronic music. From their beginnings around the heady time of the Balearic revolution, through the earnest invention of the progressive house sound, pioneering the live dance act with a live album, until finally taking the biggest of beats outside onto the stages and cinema screens for all to see, it is time for the latest chapter for their music. Having now completed a new album, (and with plans underway for a retrospective release of the bands [sic] first ten years), the presentation of the bands [sic] new work, along with some radical remixing of their favourites will be done under the guise of the Fluke DJ’s [sic].

+ Support DJ’S: [sic] Danny Franks / Sidewinder
Decor by the Orchid House / Lasers & Lighting by Kaos
Salisbury Arts Centre: 01722 321744 (Box Office)
Admission: £6 (+BF) in advance / £8 on the door (Info: 07889 782618)
Doors 7pm-11pm / Licensed Bar / Dress Code: None / Cloakroom: £1 / Capacity: 300
Flyer by Biotron & Impact Call: 01373 452043

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5 Responses to Fluke DJs at Salisbury Arts Centre 2001-10-25

  1. superfly says:

    “having now completed a new album” sounds just great!
    go fluke!

  2. Martin says:

    superfly – please be aware that this is a historical document from 2001 – I am gradually starting to post information about as many live Fluke gigs as I can get info on – I’m afraid that the statements about new albums was only correct in 2001 (referring to Puppy) and it is not a new one at this stage, although keep your eyes peeled for Yuki!

  3. I am quit sure, that the Toot thing is a typo. Following the chronological order it should be Tosh imho.
    Maybe this flyer is the reason for the Toot hoax 🙂


  4. Martin says:

    @JC: that was exactly what I thought – hence my enthusiasm to get it up here 🙂

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