2 Bit Pie Remix Contest 2009

2 Bit Pie Remixes 2009
Well, as promised, here are the remixes by AViD, aka. Holden which earned him the 2009 2bitpie.net Remix Competition prize. Obviously, and no in any way to discredit his amazing work, the ongoing efforts by jUSTIN cREDIBLE were not counted in the competition as he is, at least in part, affiliated with the site.

AViD’s mixes are twofold. A fair while ago he posted a set that included:

  1. Fluke – V6 (AViD’s veemix)
  2. Fluke – Groovy Feeling (AViD’s at least make the comparison mix)
  3. Bullet (AViD’s Bully remix)

Now, as his most recent project, he has released 2 Bit Pie – Little Things (AViD Remix).

So, without further ado, congratulations to Holden and here are the download links!

Download AViD Fluke Remixes
Download Little Things (AViD Remix)

Thanks also to Georg who emailed me regarding the Fluke DJs set on KISS FM. We already have this set, but I don’t think it is properly indexed. I hope to get some time to sort out all our live sets and have them properly catalogued at some point in the near future.

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One Response to 2 Bit Pie Remix Contest 2009

  1. Holden says:

    Thanks for posting these, and thanks very much for the 12″! It arrived in the post today.
    Hope you all enjoy my AViD remixes – just the humble workings of a fan. And definitely check out jUSTIN cREDIBLE’s many spectacular Fluke mixes and original productions when you’re done with mine and want to hear something more professional!

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