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2 Bit - Mike Bryant and Jon FuglerLots and lots of news that I’m going to combine into a single post here!

The first, and most important, item concerns upcoming 2 Bit shows. The band will be playing Yuki tracks at both the Latitude festival (19th of July alongside Ditto) and also on the 25th of July at La Boutique Electronique, more info about which will shortly be forthcoming.

The second point, deriving from the first as it is the source of this information, is the launch of the official 2 Bit website: http://www.2bit.uk.com. I would like to take this opportunity to stress the unoffocial nature of this site. I am not affiliated with the band, make no profits (in fact, a loss) from running the site and do so purely from an interest in the work of the musicians known as Fluke/2 Bit Pie/2 Bit. While the launch of the official website in no way impacts upon the operation of this site, which I hope will continue for a long time to come, the time is now right to cement this distinction. To reiterate, even though the One Little Indian website bills 2bitpie.net as the “Official website”, it is not. This site is a 100% unofficial fan site.

Thirdly, I’ve had some entries to the previously announced remix competition and I am pleased to announce that I have a winner! Holden, well known to those over at the Hybridized forums (home of the Epic Fluke Thread) who put together a superb remix of Little Things (from 2 Pie Island) which I will be dropping in the next day or so. The Hang Tough remix vinyl is in the post so congratulations!

Finally, for discographic information purposes, there is an instrumental version of Yuki – Dark Like Snow also in circulation. Any special information I can glean from listening to this will be available when it arrives at my place in the next week or so. In the meantime, the discography has been updated to include the first Yuki promo. Samples may follow once the album is scheduled for release.

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