Fluke: Top of the World (Peel Session)


It’s Christmas, even here in the deserty wilderness of 2bitpie.net where the posts fall intermittently throughout the year, dark like snow. Except that there’s this guy called Brian McGee who seems determined to bring in the Christmas cheer. He might as well be Santa, or some other benevolent figure who sneaks down chimneys because he has started sending me some incredibly rare Fluke material with permission to post it here on the site.

This stuff will be forthcoming gradually over the weeks leading up to Christmas (it’s sort-of-like an advent calendar!) but to kick us off, here is a recording, purportedly from 1991, of Top of the World at a Peel Session. The source is

The pack includes the original recording that Brian sent me and a cleaned up version by our resident mix-master-general Justin Credible.

Grab it here: Fluke – Top of the World (Peel Session)

Appreciative comments should be addressed to Brian. Here’s mine: thank you Brian – December is going to be a good month!

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5 Responses to Fluke: Top of the World (Peel Session)

  1. Thank you very much Brian 🙂

  2. Brian/holden says:

    Very nice for you to share, Brian!
    And big thanks to the site for hosting and posting all these goodies. A couple years back, i never dreamed i’d be able to hear some of these rarities and gigs. Thanks for keeping the Fluke love strong!
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Brian McGee says:

    Glad people enjoy it. As for “purportedly from 1991”, well, here’s the BBC’s official tracklist for the 1991 Peel Session 🙂


  4. Martin says:

    Hey Brian – thanks again! Yes, I saw that only after I made the post; regardless, I still like the sound of “purportedly”, it gives the recording an indefinable mythical quality that wholly befits it!

  5. Geoff Henman says:

    Thanks a lot for posting that. It’s always great to be able to expand the collection especially with something you didn’t know existed. Great site, look forward to the other promised rare stuff. keep up the good work.

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