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Syntax - Mike Tournier and Jan BurtonIn addition to opening up comments again on, I can be the bearer of both good and bad news for those awaiting new Syntax material.

To start with the not so good… it will come as no surprise that the album has been delayed and, according to Mike Tournier, will not be available until next year.

However, here’s the good news. Again, from Mike T:

We’ve got about 15 tracks so far. I’m about to start mixing the material.

So good progress is being made.

In addition to this there is also a new Syntax MySpace page which features several unreleased tracks and a couple of demos from the new album!

The new tracks are:

  • Moving To Mars
  • Please Breathe
  • Fame Game

All the new tracks that I’ve listened to so far seem to replicate the darkness and beauty that co-existed in Meccano Mind.

There’s also a nice bunch of Syntax promotional images up on the MySpace site, all of which play upon the “two faces” theme that the band have used for some time now.

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