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A transcription of Thorns and Roses which, I am pleased to say is a good deal more accurate than the previously posted Fame Game lyrics! I close my eyes don’t let no sunlight inJust let the darkness be my museI … Continue reading

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Here’s an initial attempt at a transcription for Fame Game, as presented in pre-album format on the Syntax MySpace. There’s a few dodgy moments, particularly in verse two. If you have any improvements, feel free to add them in the … Continue reading

Justin Credible writes with more good news on the Syntax front… another new track! It’s called “Thorns and Roses” and can, again, be heard on the Syntax MySpace page.

In addition to opening up comments again on, I can be the bearer of both good and bad news for those awaiting new Syntax material. To start with the not so good… it will come as no surprise that … Continue reading