Tribal Gathering 1997 Poster

Fluke and 2 Bit Pie Image Here’s another piece of Fluke memorabilia that showcases their appearance at the 1997 Tribal Gathering festival – an asset that will surely be appreciated by anybody who has checked out their live set from that appearance.

Also of interest to me personally was their appearance alongside Alabama 3 at this festival – a great band who I’d recommend you check out if you don’t know already – it’s sweet-pretty-country-and-western-acid-house music!

To view the poster in full (132kb), click the image.

In other news, if anybody felt like helping out there’s a load more posters over at Ebay which I can’t really afford to buy, but scans of which would look good on the site! If you purchased one of these, scanned or photographed it and emailed it to me ( then you could have a crowning moment of glory when your name appears alongside it on the site – sorry, that’s the best I can offer!

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