Justin Credible’s New EP: mINDFLOWER

Fluke and 2 Bit Pie Image2bitpie.net is proud to present the latest work of Justin Credible: the mINDFLOWER EP.

For those that don’t know, Justin is a long time helper here at 2bitpie.net. It is thanks to him that we are able to present much of the information here, especially the live recordings and he has also frequently contributed remixes of 2 Bit Pie and Fluke records that he has produced over the past few years.

His latest work is clearly Fluke inspired, with tracks entitled “cAT mOON” and “mY fEET dON’T tOUCH tHE gROUND” the references abound. However, Justin has brought his own unique feel to this record and the music is brand new. For those who have been following his progress, you’ll see clearly that this new record is more progressive, more confident in itself and above all a sense of finding its own feet: a defining sound. Whether it’s mind-flower, a mental experience that grows from the earth, or mind-flower, an experience of passage, of liquidity and flow is up to you.

The tracklist for the EP reads as follows:

1.) mY hEALING
4.) cAT mOON

Finally then, get your fix here: Justin Credible – The mINDFLOWER EP

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3 Responses to Justin Credible’s New EP: mINDFLOWER

  1. Martin says:

    This is a comment… to test the comments system 😉

  2. Holden says:

    great work, as usual, Justin. Top knotch production and wonderful deep atmospheres.

  3. Thanks Holden 🙂
    Cool – Finally a comments system.


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