10th Anniversary Remastered Gig

10 years ago, in 1997, Fluke (the precursors of 2 Bit Pie) performed one of the few live concerts of which an internet bootleg has been circulating. To celebrate this, 2bitpie.net, in conjunction with adambomb.info and Justin Credible present the remastered edition of Fluke, live at the Zodiac Club Soundcity 1997 with some tracks taken from a gig in Soho for quality purposes.

Justin has spent a considerable amount of time remastering this recording to restore it to the highest possible quality and the results are surprisingly good! The file is listed in the files section, but here is the direct link: Fluke – Live at Zodiac Club Soundcity 1997 (Remastered by Justin Credible).

If you have any other Fluke gigs that you think could do with remastering, shoot either Justin or myself an email and we’ll see what we can do! In the mean time, let’s hope for a 2 Bit Pie live tour!

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