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Thanks to Frank Spinath, there are some new additions to the discography, specifically Syntax. First off, Frank has a promotional CD-R containing various mixes from Meccano Mind. I’ve labeled this, in the absence of any defining title, “Extended sampler” and … Continue reading

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As an update from my previous post, Mike Tournier has given permission for a one minute sample clip from the Thorns and Roses promotional CD to be posted: Thorns and Roses sample MP3. The sample is now also available on … Continue reading

Well, I had a rather nice evening today when the new Syntax Promo CD — Thorns and Roses — arrived in the post! Here are some obligatory shots of the cover and so forth: The CD itself is a one … Continue reading

As I mentioned in the last post, Jan Burton of Syntax has also been involved in some other projects, and I wanted to give a heads-up about another release with which he was involved. Metrik – The Departure EP T-1000 … Continue reading

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This is a brief heads-up to let you know that Super8 and Tab’s new album, Empire features Jan Burton and Mike Tournier, aka. Syntax. Says Mike Tournier: Jan has a few bits and bobs out at the moment. He’s got … Continue reading

Hello all! I’ve just had some rather pleasing news from Mike Tournier regarding the upcoming Syntax album. First of all, the reason that the album has taken so long is that it is entirely self-funded; there’s no record company to … Continue reading

Thanks to Cory for the info (and jUSTIN cREDIBLE here at 2bp HQ for dividing up the samples), the discography now contains complete timing info and samples for Fatal’s promo CD, Periodic Breathing. As and when I get time to … Continue reading

Hey fellow Flukesters! I am very proud to be able to present you with a short update on the upcoming Syntax Album. Mike Tournier gave me his permission to disclose that he has just finished mastering the new album. The … Continue reading

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A brief update, with more to follow in the near future. For all the French Fluke crowd out there, Mike Tournier has translated, at the request of a francophonic fan, the lyrics to Syntax’s Pride C’est composé de moments solitaire … Continue reading

Hello all! This post contains two pieces of good news, and one piece of bad. To start with the good. Firstly, I want to thank Georg for his recent comment that has brought to light a new item in the … Continue reading