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Thanks to Frank Spinath, there are some new additions to the discography, specifically Syntax. First off, Frank has a promotional CD-R containing various mixes from Meccano Mind. I’ve labeled this, in the absence of any defining title, “Extended sampler” and … Continue reading

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In all the excitement about new Syntax tracks, it may have escaped some of your notices that jUSTIN cREDIBLE has put a huge amount of work into scanning and uploading a whole heap more discography images. This post is to … Continue reading

As an update from my previous post, Mike Tournier has given permission for a one minute sample clip from the Thorns and Roses promotional CD to be posted: Thorns and Roses sample MP3. The sample is now also available on … Continue reading

Thanks to the tireless work of jUSTIN cREDIBLE, who must take all the credit for the great quality scans we now have, the discography has just been updated with the first batch of images including CD scans, inlays, front and … Continue reading

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Thanks to Cory for the info (and jUSTIN cREDIBLE here at 2bp HQ for dividing up the samples), the discography now contains complete timing info and samples for Fatal’s promo CD, Periodic Breathing. As and when I get time to … Continue reading

I’ve just spent pretty much all of today rewriting the discography system in Django and the new system can be found at: The new system has almost all the information from the previous incarnation and will be improved as … Continue reading

A quick post about a couple of points: Firstly, I know the disocgraphy is down — I hope to get some time to work on that this weekend, if not, then it will be gradually resurrected. Secondly, Cory Erwin wrote … Continue reading

Dear all, I have, finally, got around to doing some of the things that I said I would at the beginning of the year and, as a result, present the latest incarnation of! The most important thing to note … Continue reading

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My apologies for the site’s instability the past few weeks; there have been some server problems which I am still working on fixing. These will be resolved ASAP, in the meantime: hang tough. Martin

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The discography has, thanks to the fantastic work of jUSTIN cREDIBLE, been pushed to new heights of awesomeness. ALMOST ALL of the tracks now have 30 second sample clips so that you can verify that what you hear is what … Continue reading

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