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Thanks to jUSTIN cREDIBLE for this new mix of 2 Bit Pie’s “Colours (Edit)”! The mix is a chilled out version, with a very nice intro and outtro appended to a much amended and beat-backed version of the 7″ edit … Continue reading

Happy New Year! 2010 is shaping up to be an exciting year in the Fluke world. There’s a massive buzz going around about the planned tour (Facebook page), a new Syntax album and, of course, lots more exciting coverage here … Continue reading

2 Bit and Yuki live at La Boutique Electronique Gig report by Martin Eve [] Last night, Jon Fugler and Mike Bryant were accompanied by Yuki for their first full live set under their new alias 2 Bit. The club, … Continue reading

The Fluke / 2 Bit performance within the ditto event is gathering a stir in the London scene. It is now a “recommended” item on the prestigious Time Out website: the definitive source for cultural events. The official 2 Bit … Continue reading

Well, as promised, here is all the information I have been able to gather so far about the Fluke/2 Bit/Yuki live performance at the Latitude festival on the 19th of July, 2009. 2 Bit performed two tracks, the first being … Continue reading

Hi all – while I prepare a report on Latitude, which I hope to get done tomorrow (featuring pictures of rehearsals and the gig itself) I thought that some of you might appreciate a higher quality version of 2 Bit’s … Continue reading

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Well all, just a quick reminder that 2 Bit aka. Fluke will be playing a short set live at the Latitude festival alongside Yuki at the ditto event (film stage). The band also released their ditto diary which, in characteristic … Continue reading

As is their way, the guys over at ditto have rolled out a viral trailer for the gig @ La Boutique Electronique. I recommend you get your emails in to as soon as possible for your chance to see … Continue reading

Lots and lots of news that I’m going to combine into a single post here! The first, and most important, item concerns upcoming 2 Bit shows. The band will be playing Yuki tracks at both the Latitude festival (19th of … Continue reading

Well, luckily for all you out there, the filmmakers (KK Outlet) who did the video for Fluke’s piece at the Roundhouse, a reworking of Implog’s Holland Tunnel Dive, have put the video on YouTube. We hope to have some videos … Continue reading

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