New jUSTIN cREDIBLE EP: Power Animals

While we wait in the desert for any new Fluke news, there is at least one oasis to quench your musical thirst. jUSTIN cREDIBLE, co-staff member here at, has just released his latest EP: entitled Power Animals.

The EP is a generic hybrid, beginning with the down-tempo rumbling Fluke-esque bassline on “Hummingbird”.

This track has a driving beat overlayed with a melodic playover that dilates what would, otherwise, perhaps be an over-aggressive track. The second track, “Jellyfish”, however, doesn’t let up in the same way. Bearing similarities to late-era Fluke (think Pulse or some of the heavier material on Puppy), this song packs a sting.

The third track, “Cheetah”, by contrast is a bouncy number punctuated by bleeps and grinds over the top of a syncopated bassline drum.

“Manatee” takes an underwater theme to heart and, although it’s not “ambient” in the more traditional sense, it has a more laidback theme, even with the two-step kick and bass drum.

I’ll leave you all to explore the rest of the EP on JC’s Soundcloud page. You can also download the raw WAV files from this site, preserved here for posterity. Be warned, though; they’re big at almost 700mb. Great work jUSTIN!

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6 Responses to New jUSTIN cREDIBLE EP: Power Animals

  1. c-eling says:

    Many thanks for this, Jellyfish is excellent!
    Nice job Justin!

  2. c-eling says:

    This tune was upped last month by someone on YT. How he was able to source this one who knows.
    Apparently it’s from one of the EP’s

    • Justin Credible says:

      It has been accidently availabe for download on the Syntax Website for a very short period of time, while the website was created.

  3. c-eling says:

    Bingo, makes sense. Odd I missed this one Justin
    Thanks for the reply!

  4. c-eling says:

    Jan’s got a new tune out, with another in the works-

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