Fluke’s rare “Amp” single

Among the rarest of the rare Fluke materials, there are two categories: “hard to find” and “does it really exist?” The “Island Life” vinyl, for example, falls in the former of these categories. In the latter, there’s the “Amp” single, supposedly unreleased (or only released in Australia, according to some variants of the story). The single is so rare that there isn’t even a catalogue entry for it on Marcolphus’ Fluke Discography.

The presumed tracklist has been given, however, as:

  1. Amp (Original Edit)
  2. Amp (Geographic’s Wireless Mix)
  3. Amp (Fluke Original Mix)
  4. Amp (Geographic’s Solid State Mix)

Today, however, we are pleased to be able to put this rumour to rest. These are, indeed, the correct tracks (albeit named “Geographic Long Mix” and “Geographic Edit” from our source).

Even better, though, we’ve also been given permission in writing, by Mike Tournier of Fluke (and thanks to the persistence of jUSTIN cREDIBLE), to make the single available for download. To that end, and without further ado, we proudly present: Fluke – Amp (Single). Enjoy!

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4 Responses to Fluke’s rare “Amp” single

  1. c-eling says:

    Hey thank guys appreciated, a rare treat indeed 🙂

  2. holden says:

    Woops – meant to post here and not with the Syntax cover, but thanks again for both! Always great for some rare Fluke-ish stuff to roll through the web, and this is where one gets it!

    • jUSTIN cREDIBLE says:

      Hey – it’s been my/ our pleasure.
      Just for the records – i did not get on Mike’s “nerves” too much – actually he himself proposed that i could share it here when he sent me the files.
      Originally I “only” asked him, if he could check his private collection for that record as i desperately also wanted to get my hands on it.
      Later, while he was renovating the old Fluke studio he found some boxes with “Fluke stuff” in it … boxes – i would have loved to check out for myself haha…

      So – “finally” that AMP Record found a warm and nice new home, where it will be always loved and shared with the world to be heard.
      I must say i really love the Geographic Mix – and i really wonder if it was inspired by the Doobie Brothers song “Long Train Runnin”

      Thanks for your kind comments Holden and C-eiling


  3. Mike says:

    Great work, guys! Any chance on getting this in higher quality? Perhaps WAV or FLAC? That would be epic!

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