Syntax, TriPolar surfaces in CD format

jUSTIN cREDIBLE sends word that Syntax’s new TriPolar EP1 has appeared in CD form with catalogue no. Syn01 in the format of a pressed CD (not a CDr).

Tripolar Back

Tripolar CD

Tripolar Front

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3 Responses to Syntax, TriPolar surfaces in CD format

  1. c-eling says:

    A true work of art! Thanks for posting :)

  2. c-eling says:

    Interesting, someone had the cd for sale on a Amazon marketplace listing, I grabbed it :)
    Any news on ep2 ?

  3. c-eling says:

    Just received it, same exact as the picture posted except no info stickers on the cardboard slip case, mine was shipped from LA

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