Fluke playing live with Shriekback: Tosh (Shriekbackwash)

Zoltan brings news of a live video, uploaded by YouTube user Tinhuviel that we’d previously missed! Here is Fluke playing Tosh (Skriekbackwash) live with Shriekback:

For those who would like a download: Shriekback.flv. Enjoy!


Tinhuviel has very kindly shared a higher quality rip of the video, which you can now download. Credit must also go to Shriekback and Barry Andrews. Thanks to all!

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3 Responses to Fluke playing live with Shriekback: Tosh (Shriekbackwash)

  1. quantize says:


    Never dreamt I would actually see this being performed. As a massive Shriekback and Fluke fan I always thought this collaboration really demonstrated
    their obvious strong connection : the lyrical alliteration of Fugler’s and Andrew’s vocal styles, sonic fireworks and incessant rhythmic power (organic in the case of Shriekback and electronic in the case of Fluke)

    ok pardon my waxing lyrical..but these two bands are deeply influential in my life..

    Grooves for people with brains!

  2. Tinhuviel says:

    Wahey! Glad to pass this along and be able to share it with everyone. 🙂

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