Some news from the first month of 2010

The discography has, thanks to the fantastic work of jUSTIN cREDIBLE, been pushed to new heights of awesomeness. ALMOST ALL of the tracks now have 30 second sample clips so that you can verify that what you hear is what is on the release (although please note that no responsibility is taken for this being accurate!) Not only this, but he has also added lyrics for a huge number of the tracks. Submissions for corrections can be emailed to either of us. These lyrics are listed here, even though some of them feature in CD booklets, because people will search for lyrics when they have heard a song which should, potentially, lead to more people identifying the musicas that of Fluke. If you encounter these lyrics here please show support for the group by buying the music.

The second piece of news is related. Although Justin has, for many years, contributed to the site, it has always been in an unofficial capacity. After the tremendous amount of effort he has put into discography samples and lyrics, I am pleased to welcome JC as my official co-member of staff here at You can check this out, including all contact info, at the new staff profiles page. His assistance with site content has allowed me extra time to concentrate on some of the technical aspects of the discography and site in general.

Anyway, enough of the self-congratulation and on to the future. Forthcoming on

  • Addition of cover images to discography
  • Discography compilation appearances
  • Migration of concert recordings and materials to a similar, database-driven format
  • A forum – so we can organise meetups at the gigs
  • Continuation of Fluke Top Ten Items to Have series
  • Ongoing coverage of Syntax album
  • News, as it breaks, of Fluke 2010 appearances, gigs and material

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4 Responses to Some news from the first month of 2010

  1. Tim says:

    Good news, been waiting for a forum to converse about all things Fluke for a while now 🙂

  2. Georg. says:

    Did anyone notice this at ebay:

    Wow, $113.49 for a CD-R of unreleased Syntax Meccano Mind Instrumentals!

  3. @ Georg – wow nice find – never seen that release before.
    Thanks for posting it 🙂


  4. Georg. says:

    And here’s one more: a remix CD-R promo with 11 tracks sold for $41.40…

    I was trying to get both but it was tooooooo much money for me… 🙁

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