Major Discography Work

Happy New Year!

2010 is shaping up to be an exciting year in the Fluke world. There’s a massive buzz going around about the planned tour (Facebook page), a new Syntax album and, of course, lots more exciting coverage here on

However, to celebrate the festive season, the first of a couple of pleasant surprises that I would like to offer is: The Fluke discography.

The Fluke Discography

About the discography

The discography now contains all albums and singles by Fluke, Lucky Monkeys, Syntax and 2 Bit Pie with cover images, compilation appearances and remixes saved for a rainy day. The source of the data is my own private collection, discogs, Wikipedia and, of course, the indispensible Marcolphus’ Fluke Discography.

I need here to pay special tribute to Marcolphus for the care and dedication he has put into this discography through many years of collecting, collating and formatting. The discography here will never be able, and does not intend, to replace his page. The freeform nature of his discography means that it includes information that simply does not fit within the formulaic structure I have imposed here. For this reason, my discography is less complete than his which contains, amongst others, annotations on mis-labellings, mis-pressings and other commentary.

However, there is a reason behind the formulaic approach employed here. All the information is stored, not in a freeform text field, but in a database. All tracks, remixers and so forth are stored as independent entities. What this means, of course, is that it is searchable! It is now possible to search for a track, search by remixer, create lists so you can see which releases you need to complete your collection; the list goes on.

To see this, simply select the options from the dropdown boxes on the discography page and click “Filter”. Be patient after clicking as I am still in the process of optimising the queries.

I hope that this is a valuable resource and one which is appreciated by all Fluke fans far and wide. Happy 2010!

The Fluke discography

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One Response to Major Discography Work

  1. holden says:

    Very nice start to what will surely be a very complete and easily accessible database of all things Fluke related! Will be looking forward to hearing samples from a few rarer mixes!
    I’ll also echo your praise for Marcolphus’s discography site, where i have learned a lot about Fluke’s history and back catalog as i was first getting into the band.
    Here’s to a great start to 2010.

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