Today (2nd of August 2014), Mike Tournier (Fluke, Syntax) played a DJ Set on GK Radio that was streamed online. There was no new material but some interesting snippets came out. The setlist was:

My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andy Weatherall Mix)
Bentley Rhythm Ace – Bentley’s Gonna Sort You Out
Les Negressess Vertes – Zobi la Mouche
Finitribe – 101 (Sonic Shuffle Edit)
Dub Federation – Space Funk
Grace Jones – La vie en Rose
Grace Jones – Love you to Life (maybe Mike Tournier Remix)
Easy Star All Stars feat. Dr. Israel – Brain Damage
Kruder & Dorfmeister – Bug Powder Dust
Louie Austen – One night in Rio
Tom Tom Club – Wordly Rappinghood
Syntax – Pride
The Doors – LA Woman (Paul Oakenfold Remix)
Minnie Riperton – Les Fleur

The set was comprised of older tracks that Mike liked from the party era (as he put it!)

Things we learned:

  • Mike T. used to live with Pete Latham of Dub Federation in 1992
  • Mike T. was responsible for the mix of Grace Jones’s “Love You to Life” that appeared in this set. It would be interesting to compare this with other versions to see if this is released but remains uncredited
  • “Pride” by Syntax is remarkably similar to The Doors’ LA Woman, especially the Oakenfold remix!

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An update comes in from the brand-spanking-new Facebook page for Jon Fugler of two collaborations. The first is with Sander Kleinenberg and features Jon F. on vocals. The track is called “We-R-Superstars” and can be purchased on Beatport! Long-time fans will well-remember past collaborations between the pair, such as “The Fruit”.

The second piece of news is that Jon Fugler is currently establishing a new band called “TAC”, in which he will be joined by Chris Willis and Jon Farmer. The first album from the group will be released this year while the trio are also playing some gigs in the coming weeks (details when available; nothing seems to have yet been released on that front).

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With thanks to a tip-off from Cory Eling, it seems that Jan Burton of Syntax has just uploaded a cover of Joy Division’s atmosphere.

As you’ll hear, the piece is one of Syntax’s gentler numbers. A copy of the video can also be found here for archival purposes.

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Among the rarest of the rare Fluke materials, there are two categories: “hard to find” and “does it really exist?” The “Island Life” vinyl, for example, falls in the former of these categories. In the latter, there’s the “Amp” single, supposedly unreleased (or only released in Australia, according to some variants of the story). The single is so rare that there isn’t even a catalogue entry for it on Marcolphus’ Fluke Discography.

The presumed tracklist has been given, however, as:

  1. Amp (Original Edit)
  2. Amp (Geographic’s Wireless Mix)
  3. Amp (Fluke Original Mix)
  4. Amp (Geographic’s Solid State Mix)

Today, however, we are pleased to be able to put this rumour to rest. These are, indeed, the correct tracks (albeit named “Geographic Long Mix” and “Geographic Edit” from our source).

Even better, though, we’ve also been given permission in writing, by Mike Tournier of Fluke (and thanks to the persistence of jUSTIN cREDIBLE), to make the single available for download. To that end, and without further ado, we proudly present: Fluke – Amp (Single). Enjoy!

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Mike Tournier’s current project, Anaxaton6 (formed with Barry Andrews, a founder of Shriekback), has just released its latest video, for a sort of dark-funk-electronic track “No Fool Boletus”. The video is also somewhat offbeat! Check it out below.

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With enormous thanks to Libby Lawes, we’re very pleased to present an extremely long (1 hour 35 mins) interview with Mike Tournier of Fluke, Syntax and, more recently, Anaxaton6.

In the interview, Mike discusses the history of doing interviews as Fluke, on collaborations, on Syntax, what it’s like in his working day, on contemporary synthesizers and even some positive commentary on itself!

You can download the interview now: Interview with Mike Tournier, 28th January 2014 by Libby Lawes on the Hippy Punk Show

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I’m very pleased to be able to report that long-term resident and Fluke-fan extraordinaire, jUSTIN cREDIBLE, has released his latest EP: “Head First”. A mix of pounding beats and more subtle and technically accomplished work than we’ve seen from him before, this is a must for any Fluke fan. In fact, here is what Jon Fugler, of Fluke, said of the release:

So, here you have it. Can’t argue with that!

Of especial interest, also, for readers of is jUSTIN’s great remix of Syntax’s new track, “The Man with No Name”, which should grab your attention.

Justin Credible – Head First EP by Justin Credible on Mixcloud

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Mike Tournier’s latest project, teaming up with Shriekback, has posted a video to its YouTube feed. The track, titled JuJu Grid (Go Live) has a suitably mad video and is a definitely more funky direction than Syntax!

Thanks to jUSTIN cREDIBLE for the tip.

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jUSTIN cREDIBLE sends word that Syntax’s new TriPolar EP1 has appeared in CD form with catalogue no. Syn01 in the format of a pressed CD (not a CDr).

Tripolar Back

Tripolar CD

Tripolar Front

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Long-time Fluke fan Holden from the Hybridized forum writes with news of an epiphany moment that he had for a mash-up:

It’s a mash-up of Fluke’s “Absurd” (Headrillaz dub mix) and The Crystal Method’s “Trip Like I Do”. I have always enjoyed these tracks for their very energetic/aggressive sounds. Recently i was running with shuffle on and heard the tracks back to back – seemed to me that with a bit of editing and pitchshifting, plus some extra beats to hold it together, the main electro lines would compliment each other.

The result is pretty great and you can download it here!